FourPercent Review First Time Ever Published Online

The Company
This online business training platform helps with sales systems and the digital marketing aspect of your company. 4 Percent was founded by Vick Strizheus. Strizheus has been branded and is well known as “The King Of Online Traffic”.

Vick is no stranger to online traffic and marketing systems; he is not only the founder of fourpercent review but he is also the founder of Global Success Club and High Traffic Academy.

Strizheus has over 5 years of experience coaching entrepreneurs through traffic, sales and how to run a profitable and successful business quickly. He taught them about Product Launches,Sales Funnel Creation & Optimization,Traffic Generation / Advanced Media Buying, Business Strategies, and Lead Generation & Conversion.

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The Product
The program comes with automation, sales funnels, community support, tools, and resources. The platform was designed to show entrepreneurs and marketers different shortcuts to building the business quickly and successfully. The platform and program include the following features:

Over 20-hours of digital business training videos.
Private life coaches to help you through any issues along the way.
7-figure sales funnels.
High commission on back-end products and ready done-for-you branding solutions.
Traffic solutions from many angles.
Social media information and solutions.
Coaching and guidance, as well as, a strong community.
Vick Strizheus claims that the program will show you how to “sell without selling anything”. The Four Percent training program costs $49 a month.

The Opportunity
Learning digital business is important for entrepreneurs involved in online marketing and sales as well. The program provides a wealth of information and also provides the proper tools along with a strong community to help you through establishing your business foundation and growth. Learning these tricks and shortcuts will help you learn how to get things moving for your company rather quickly.

Customers can cancel the monthly membership at any time, but they still have access to the information that was provided while involved, they simply do not have access to any of the new material in any way. Having access to the education and skills it takes can ultimately build a solid foundation for the company leading to success and the well-desired profit.

Having access to the fourpercent platform will provide you with networking opportunities, access to payroll services, back-end products, informational and instructional reading material, as well as, videos and one-on-one coaching throughout the whole service.

The Verdict
The company sounds solid and legit. The founder of Four Percent is well-known throughout the internet traffic community along with his other company Project Breakthrough. Unfortunately, the website isn’t that great and doesn’t have much to offer other than a video of Vick telling you how great the product is. Vick Strizheus has a familiar name and has more than a few different programs, platforms, and products available to the public.

It is terrible, however, that he already has the title of a scammer as many people are trying to leach off of his name and industry wide recognition. He may be well known but some would argue he is well known for the wrong things as just a scammer trying to make money off of innocent people but those that know him and get to be around him at the events and special occasions know he trains harder than anyone in the industry and knows how to bring the best out in people.

Aside the various opinions and accusations about the company and its founder, there is currently so much competition out there when it comes to traffic education, training, and platforms that it might make it hard to see much come of this one. The monthly price may not seem that high, but when you consider how many programs exist with similar features that only require a one-time purchase fee, well, it does make sense to do it all under one umbrella and company like Vick Strizheus’ Four Percent group.

It comes down to a saying of tiny hinges swing big doors in that the 4% of people and entrepreneurs who do it right from the start (which is what the Four Percent Group is designed to do) will have a much higher chance and probability of success in the internet marketing space.

Four Percent Group gets a B+ rating as of today and could get upgraded in the near future. The product is a good one and will give the hopeful marketer and ambitious entrepreneur a fighting chance at putting together all of the right pieces in place to play the game at a higher level. We will evolve our review as we find out more information about The Four Percent System.